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Medicaid Assistance & Planning

Always Home Care is your reliable partner if you find yourself in need of Medicaid assistance. Navigating the complexities of Medicaid planning can be a daunting task.

Always Home Care offers a complimentary consultation to kickstart your journey.

The Medicaid Application

The Medicaid application process is complicated, lengthy and time consuming that depends on your situation. With our experience the process will be as smooth as possible and be completed in a timely fashion.

Receive a one-on-one consultation with a Medicaid specialist to answer all questions and make sure you qualify for Medicaid with a pooled income trust. This includes the Medicaid application process while simultaneously completing the documents for joining a pool trust.

Qualifying for Medicaid Benefits

Once Medicaid eligibility is approved with a spenddown, we’ll process the pooled trust documents and get your enrolled in the trust. Our dedicated representative will assist you through each step of the process.


Whether you are in need of Medicaid due to a disability or you are over the age of 65 and require home assistance, ECS Trust can help you become eligible to receive these essential benefits. Your dedicated ECS partner becomes a part of your Medicaid planning process by assisting with the application and the participation in the pooled trust simultaneously. This approach saves you precious time and ensures that your unique needs are understood and addressed by a knowledgeable consultant.